Heavy Haul Project Cargo
The heavy haul project cargo vessel is categorised as a heavy deck cargo ship that allows for roll-on roll-off operations. It is great for carrying modules top-sides and various kinds of other heavy cargo. This vessel is also adequately equipped to perform as a fast transit vessel with an estimated average speed of 9 to 11 knots carrying up to 3,500 and 13,000 metric tonnes of cargo respectively.

Loch Seaforth
Year Built:
Gross Tonnage:
Net Tonnage:
Deck Cargo Load:
Length Overall:
Breadth (moulded):
Depth (moulded):
Draft Designed:
Draft Scantling:
 Deck Cargo Space:
Container Capacity:
CCCC Bomesc Marine Industry Co. Ltd
10,835 MT
3,250 MT
13,000 MT
20 MT
American Bureau of Shipping
158m (518.37 ft)
28.2m (92.52 ft)
9.0m (29.53 ft)
5.6m (18.37 ft)
5.8m (19.03 ft)
Approx. 4,750m2 (36m W x 136m L /118.1 ft x 446.2 ft)
864 TEU
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